I would run as fast as I could to give you a hug, telling you how much I’ve missed you through laughter and tears.

I would share every single memory I saved of you, like the magical moments standing by your side with your warm hand on my little shoulder, introducing me to people as your son.

I would most enjoy swimming out to the floating dock at Wagner Lake, relaxing in the summer sun with you, catching a good tan as we laugh and giggle about life.

Dad, I’m so sorry I couldn’t hug you one last time before you died. Being locked up while you were fighting cancer was absolutely heartbreaking. I felt exasperated, depleted, lonely, regretful, hollow and pain that kept me weighted down like that heavy cover the dentist put over you when they take x-rays.

Dad, if you were here I would be proud to stand by your side with my warm hand around your shoulder, introducing you as my dad.

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With a heavy heart,
Marshall Byers

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