Recently, I had experienced a catastrophic failure in my very simple technology. You see, in prison we can purchase a very basic tablet that we can use to email with. It’s how I’m able to write digitally to the free world (at the cost of $0.16 per message… you bet your ass the state is gonna get their kickback), but I’ve been disabled for a bit due to this failure. The device was about five years old and one day, the lithium battery swelled to such a degree, it broke both the screen and the case of the device. It was already a shock to see such a thing, but the reality set in that by it breaking, my voice was taken…

So, I bought a new one and waited… and waited… and waited… I received a message that the company that charges us for email, JPay, had sent a new device… in April. It took two more months to receive what in the free world would be 3 days by ground shipping. It felt like an eternity to wait to have a voice, to be expressive and creative, to tell the world about how I see it, and to tell my loved ones just how much they mean to me. What it came down to, was a lack of consumer protection. I’m a caged animal, right? I certainly don’t deserve a voice, do I?

That’s just one of many things we inside struggle through. Among the other dehumanizing things in prison, a big “f*** you and your protections” falls right in line with it. But I guess there are those that might say, “be grateful you have any technology.” In a world that is built around it, that kind of thinking is counter to rehabilitation. Ever try to land a job with a résumé written in pen on lined paper? I didn’t think so. But, I’m back in the saddle again, ready to crank out my musings at the rate of $0.16 per message. Enjoy the read (and sometimes the rant).

by Rory Andes

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