Recently, I saw advertisements for a show on the Lifetime channel called “Cellmate Secrets”. Lifetime… Wow. To me, this is an absolute low. In most states, the people convicted of crime aren’t allowed to profit in any way from the crime(s) they committed. And rightfully so. It’s a very well paved moral high road. Yet, network execs and crime profiteers collude to drudge up some prison shitheel willing to gossip about a high profile convict… and make shitloads of money doing it. Shame on Lifetime for basking in moral corruption. Why is there a crime problem in America? Because it’s completely glorified. And it’s glorified because someone is making tons of money on it.

You know who isn’t making the money on crime? The one convicted of it, and nor should he or she. But truthfully, neither should anyone else. If you were to make a case for anyone collecting on a tragedy, how many victims or victim’s families are seeing a dime of it? John Walsh, Nancy Grace, Dick Wolf, Anne Rule, the Arts and Entertainment network, Investigative Discovery, Lifetime, Oxygen and every other unethical crime profiteer should be shut down and a righting of America’s moral compass needs to be set in place. Instead, we have this garbage making fat cats money, hand over fist, all in the name of “entertainment”. Just recently I wrote about John Hinckley Jr and the outrage against him for wanting to play songs and sing on YouTube. Yet, those same voices won’t backlash against the network crime profiteers. Shame on all of you… And I’m the guy in prison…

by Rory Andes

There is something fundamentally wrong that horror is entertaining…

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