Leadership is important in life. Leadership in your own life, at work, over your car. You have to lead your own way. 

However, we do not need Kings or rulers in our lives. What we need is each other to be on the same playing field. I picture it like this:

We are all carrying a shield and its job is to protect part of us, part of the person next to us. So we all protect each other. When someone falls behind, if breaks our defenses, right? So then we have a choice, advance without them and close the gap or stay behind and not make progress. 

Who is in your life that’s stopping progress? Is it you that’s stopping progress? 

As LGBT people we are practically walking self-esteem messes. I think it is crucial to assist those in your life to take on a leadership mentality. Because we alone do not have all the answers and we will ALL break the line at times. We need strong, capable people around us to keep us in the fight for our own lives. Because when we stop fighting for ourselves, we endanger the people around us even more because they were depending on us to be there. 

Encouraging our brothers and sisters, our chosen families, and edifying them, building them up…that’s our job as people! To let them know what type of friend you want them to be you must first be that friend. 

Who have you encouraged today, if you don’t have a list already, honey…you’ve got work to do! A simple unexpected compliment may be precisely what someone needed at that moment. It could literally, change someone’s life.

With Love