In October or November (I have trouble remembering which) our big yard was shut down and turned into a tent city to help manage critical Covid cases in our prison. While I understood the necessity, I missed the opportunity to go outside in a bigger space and enjoy time with my friends. After several months of having our yard access denied for any recreation, the decision was made to move the tents to another location, still within the confines of the prison. We got our yard back.

As springtime came around and we were now able to go outside, we revisited the yard we hadn’t seen in months. It was overgrown with weeds, the baseball diamond was otherwise needing massive maintenance, and because of Covid, the rules stood that we could be a million miles apart from each other outside, we still need masks at all times. We got the outside, but it comes with hitches. And as we looked at the entire yard, over growing with weeds and neglect, Christopher plucked a dandelion and tried to blow the seeds in an effort to reflect on simpler times, all to no avail because of the mask. Covid even ruins dandelions…

by Rory Andes

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