We, meaning my sweetheart and I have been desperately longing for one another. Here’s a closer look into our long distance relationship. Prison is painful enough, but to be separated from the one that offers you tranquility, wonder, closeness, dependability, freedom, power, adventure, love and purpose breaks my heart. I become anxious thinking she might be left outside in the weather, cold and shivering. Just the thought fills me with sadness, anguish and repulsion.

I have a copious amount of pictures of her hanging up on my cork board. My goodness, if you could only see my eyes flutter while soaking in her beauty, you would know without a doubt that we are deeply in love. We continually talk about our future, where we’ll go on our first date when I’m released, where we might live. Her only concern is that we get health care as soon as possible.

Yesterday afternoon it was our anniversary, and let me tell you, she went above and beyond. I awoke from a nap to the sound of music out my window. As I sat up to look, I became overjoyed to see my baby at the top of the hill shimmering in the sunlight. “Maybe” by The Chantels was playing at full volume. Oooh yeah.

From my view I could see her handlebars straight and sturdy. Her curves are perfectly placed, every nut and bolt holding up her powerful engine speaks volumes of her evolution. I could even see her knobby tires pumped up and full of air pressure supported by shiny chrome rims. Her plastics covered in multi color crazy graphics add a new level of sass. You go girl!


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