Howdy to all of those summer loving humans out there, who are taking time to read my random rants. Hope this finds you well.

Being in the place that I am, I’m lucky enough to have lots of time to ponder deep thoughts, something that I didn’t engage in while on the streets. And some of these come at the craziest times like when hot water is cascading down on my head in the shower.

So the deep thought was that maybe “normal” heterosexual relationships are counter productive. Now, hold on and let me present my case. I have a lot of straight guy friends who always seem to complain about the relationships or women that they are with. Specifically, when concerning women they can only seem to deal with them on a physical level, because when it comes to anything else having to do with the opposite sex, men just can’t seem to understand their feelings, attitudes, and or behavior. I’m not a women myself, and can’t say I speak for any of them but I’ve kinda heard the same coming from their prospective when dealing with their men folk. Is it because of the inequality between the sexes and power struggles that are at the root of these problems?

Well I wonder, if back in the day before such establishments as religion and laws of society, when human beings could act on their feelings with out fear of scorn or persecution, more people were OK with exploring and having relations with others of the same sex. And when these institutions of power came along, framed these rules and taboos to make sure procreation was in the forefront and so marriage and the hetero family unit became paramount.

Seeing groups of men together and groups of women, nurturing friendships and bonds seems almost more natural because each group seems to get and understand each other. 

I’m not saying as an excuse that we should stay in our own gender but how much is the one love mentality of heterosexuality corrupting and biasing peoples true nature.

Hope this made sense, and causes you to think.


That Guy