I’ve been writing here for two years now. Its been a blessing to be able to tell you about my pains and my successes. I’ve lost family, I’ve gained friends, I’ve told of the human condition, I’ve put my life in order and I’ve told you about the “days in the life of” it. But one thing that hasn’t happened is a conversation with a reader. Some writers have been doing this longer than I have, with less. It occurred to me that perhaps you don’t know how this works…

We write to our administrators, one writer’s amazingly wonderful mother and one writer’s beautiful hearted friend. They do the work. This is like this because we can’t post. We CAN’T. We have no access to the site in any way. Rules, rules, rules and we must follow. Here’s what this means for you and I: if you leave a comment (THANK YOU!), we hear about it through a phone call home. We hear about it at a visit every couple of weeks. We hear it like this, often ambiguous so as to not cause waves, because we can’t receive a “third party” conversation from the site. So, we mostly stand on a mountain of our struggles and successes and yell into the valley below, hoping one day someone sends a letter or Jpay message, knowing you’re out there. Hoping one day you’ve seen enough progress and growth to know we’re serious about what we say and write. Maybe you have a bizzillion questions and a letter could help answer them! I won’t know. You don’t write a letter and I so deeply wish you would. We all do…

I want to be on the mountain with you, though. Having a conversation, side by side, about your wants, questions and fears and my commitment to answering your questions and settling you concerns. Recently, some of my colleagues have started to read advertising and marketing techniques in hopes to develop a conversation with people that have been reading for years. A hope that maybe doing something new will entice you to write directly. We don’t want to sell you anything. We want to give you hope about rehabilitation. We also want to be a community partner that you want to have a conversation with. One done by Jpay or mail and one that can last beyond prison. Maybe asking will work? But I promise you, while I have the other writers in my climbing team, it sure gets lonely up on this mountain without YOUR conversations…

by Rory Andes

Conversations Can Change OUR Community!

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