What I’m about to express certainly isn’t a popular opinion. The intent isn’t to slander anyone who’s lost their life, but to speak to a more systemic issue. As I’ve been closely watching the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the backgrounds of those that were shot by him had become more fully exposed. One had felony convictions for sex offenses, one held felony convictions for strangulation and domestic violence, and one held convictions for illegal weapons and assault. The point I want to make is that these three, however tragic it is that they lost their lives or were injured, had been subjects of a criminal justice system that absolutely failed their community. It can be argued that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been a kid with a gun at a riot. Perhaps that’s true…

More over, the three that had exposure to the criminal justice system still found it necessary to be in the mix of a riot, burning down a community and chasing after kids with guns. Perhaps Rittenhouse, with his first exposure to lawlessness, shouldn’t have been there, but what did he know? The other three, the ones who were shot, had firm knowledge that any more acts of lawlessness is stone cold wrong. They were products of a failed system that, once it intervened in their lives, still didn’t ensure that their previous troubles were a one time event. With a criminal record, you don’t carry a gun, you don’t light trashcans or buildings on fire, and you don’t sit at a provocative center stage at a riot. Had the system worked, they would have viewed the news from their homes knowing that the trouble on the streets was their kryptonite and should have stayed away. However, three men with lengthy criminal histories still found the need to be in the mix of lawlessness. To this incarcerated man, that’s just stupid. What did they do with their time under judicial control prior to the Kenosha riots? I would argue that the system failed to protect the community for a giant list of reasons, including not ensuring rehabilitation.

If your a seventeen year old kid, you shouldn’t have to feel the need to protect your community. The taxes your parents pay should already do that. And if you’re a felon or someone who’s wasted your one chance to screw up, going to shoot it up and burn it down should be the last thing on your mind…

by Rory Andes

Don’t put Rittenhouse in jail. Put the Governor and the Mayor there…

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