Prevention is key. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes in life. Why do we limit them to our own? Why is it not acceptable to learn from mine?

With the recent shooting in Florida and a few community members taking notice a month before, I cannot help but think, what if someone approached him directly? Why are we, as a nation, relying on the government to solve our problems when they have proven ineffective in every area.

Building our own community is vital to our survival as a people. Not individual segregated units like LGBT people in one neighborhood and blacks in another etc, I mean as one, united.

When you see someone who is angry and seems like a prime candidate for something terrible, reach out to them! Don’t call the FBI, clearly our government is incapable of helping us, otherwise prisons would have been eradicated long ago. Get as many people to show concern as possible. You know, act as if they are human beings, it is OK to show compassion and concern for people you don’t know.

Building community doesn’t need to involve intrusive behavior. What it means is you interact with people. That’s it. Simple, real, interactions. Ask someone how they are doing, then actually listen. I know, shocker. 

It isn’t hard, it means that you aren’t responsible for them, it means they walk away feeling that at least one person in their lives cares. 

We live in a country with 324 million people, yet, so many feel more isolated than prisoners do. Little islands in the middle of the world that nobody wants to step on.

I urge you all to make an attempt at communication with people who need it. Which is everyone. People are in pain, they are hurting, parents don’t know how to teach their children emotional management. That means its up to you, as a community. Otherwise folks go shooting up schools because nobody cared enough to say “hey man, how can I help you? I’m here to help.” 

Our government isn’t the answer. All they care about is career advancement. If it wasn’t true they wouldn’t go to college for it. 

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”