Lasting communities are built with hearts, not hands. With love, not money. The most poverty stricken places on earth can have the richest community. Community is all about building bridges to peoples hearts. Some may even say souls. 

Funny how those who do this the most effectively usually don’t know that they are even doing it at all. Community builders are the people in our lives that love us and do so without reservation. They are the people that when we see them we just start telling them about the good we’ve done in ourselves lately. They are the people we mourn for when they are no longer with us. The ones we actually miss.

You may have been this person, or are this person. Your heart is infectious to the world, being nice to people is the right thing to do. Being remembered as snotty, to busy, always sick (when your really not), unhappy, bitter, or angry is useless to everyone but most of all for you. It does nothing to improve your situation and everything to destroy it.

So if your the one who is nice, who listens to those who ramble on, who takes time to inject love anywhere it fits, thanks. Your a community builder and we need more of them.

With Love
Jeff Utnage