The wisdom that is possible through our lives is priceless. Even though the cost to get it is terrifying at times. The ability to accept critique and apply it to ones life is the difference between wisdom and foolishness, in my humble opinion.

The definition of insanity, in one context, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So it stands to reason that if you continue to experience depression, anger, anxieties, stress…obviously you are doing something over and over again, expecting a different result.

My life in prison has taught me many things, however, one thing stands out above all: question everything. I question everything and everybody. Not just to be a nuisance, but because there is some quality that I really admire about them. Some quality that I do not possess that I want.

Getting through depression, or rough patches can be as simple as laughter. Doing something social even when you think you are going to be a drag. It is also a mind set that you have to challenge. You MUST. Here is the thing, emotions are liars.

The fastest emotion that comes to your recognition is often just the easiest to express. You can absolutely challenge that within yourself.

I can give countless examples of how I think the my world was crashing down; but spending a little time in prayer and doing a little mental organization…well, things take great turns when you know what to do with yourself.

Here is a challenge for everyone. Grab a friend, a trusted friend. Tell them that you need them to simply write, nothing more. No feedback until your done. Then, write down all the things that you want to do (your goals), not matter the time frame or unrealistic-ness of it. Do this until you have exhausted all the things in your head, you should have a piece of paper that is full of little goals.

Then, go to each one as a team and assess the realistic-ness of each one, writing down the ones that you can work on and leaving out the ones that you cannot. Then, YOU, write down a list of those filtered goals and then you should already be feeling better because now you have a list of things you can actually do to improve right now.

There is always SOMETHING you can do to improve your situation. Just do not give up, you are worth so much more.

With Love
Jeff Utnage