We are in a new world. Its a place that is evolving before our eyes. I found out through news and family that people are chasing around imaginary Pokemon with their phones. Grown men and women! From inside here that just seems completely unacceptable. We don’t really see modern technology or “movements” that begin. Since we don’t really know what Pokemon hunting is we all imagine some wild company driving around the country tossing stuffed animals in random places. Then people are “hunting” them??? 
I told that to my mother and she explained its a phone application and they are imaginary. Oh…then it all makes sense…
My point is this, if its OK in our culture to collect imaginary anything then its also OK to be gay. Come on now, this is a gay website, did you think I wasn’t going to bring it back? Being homosexual or transgendered or intersex doesn’t mean that you should be ashamed. You should be proud! The world may say “that’s gay” as a negative but sweetie, as far as I’m concerned, it just became unique! 1%
People are always going to have opinions on other people. So long as there’s two or more people theres going to be negative thoughts about the other. You aren’t going to please everyone. So don’t. Just yourself, focus on you. If your married to a woman and you know your gay, talk to your wife about it. Be open and transparent with her. What if this gives opportunity for real strength within the relationship? She’s suppose to be your best friend. Or if your lesbian and married to a man or transgendered. Seriously, get support right now! Don’t wait til tomorrow. 
Suppression of your sexual identity leads to depression and isolation of ones nature amongst their peers. That means your hiding your secret and you’ll be whoever you have to be to protect it. Meaning, your not you. 
Being truthful and open about yourself to those around you makes you a better role model and parent. Parenting isn’t telling your kids to be honest with you while you lie to them. Its SHOWING them things, like transparency. They need to see you struggle and overcome things people! If you don’t show them they’ll find someone else who will, believe that! 

Be strong, be courageous! There’s a big ole’ world out there waiting for you. Your NOT in prison! So don’t put yourself in one. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage