What if you could tell someone “I just want to talk to you long enough to feel more confident, then be on my way.” 

Furthermore, what if the other person would be totally okay with that? 

I run into folks who write me once, maybe twice before moving on their way for whatever reason. But, I would rather have people tell me “My ego was just shattered and talking to you for a few weeks makes me feel better.” Or whatever the reasons may be. For me, I understand honesty and pride myself in tolerance. More to the point, I like to help people, what a better way than to help someone feel better about themselves!! Nothing would make me happier! 

This requires boldness and a measure of vulnerability on your part though. 

What this really solves is expectations of both parties. I have spent more attention on this as of late, it started as a means to protect my apparently fragile self esteem. I tell you what though, I feel more confident knowing exactly what I want, what’s expected of me, and what the goal of my relationships may entail (how can I help you really? Which is of utmost importance to me)

Practice on me. Let’s be confident together!

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”