Ruth, Renée, Quinton, and Marshall agreed to help me with a task. I asked them to find out a person’s goal, one goal, and identify with the person’s humanity in it. Then we would create a post detailing the story. Ultimately, I get credit in our Toastmaster’s club for managing a project. But you, the reader, get some of the good stuff that actually happens when we can dig out the special things that happens in people that are incarcerated. I chose a young man in his late twenties who, after about a decade in prison, hopes to join a business with a social purpose. Let me introduce you to CJ’s goal…

CJ comes from a little county on the Washington coast and his time in prison is coming to a close. I started with asking him about “What’s next?” As I interviewed him, he told me about a company he wants to work for after his release called PacTech. They are a construction company that he was briefly employed with before prison. You should know that CJ is a highly energetic person who enjoys lots of movement and working with his hands. Of course, building seems like something that would be a natural for him.

But for him, the goal isn’t just to build. Its to build for a company that sees the value of giving back to the community. He explained to me that this company that he’s hoping to get on with, donates homes to the less fortunate every year. To CJ, being able to put his sweat equity into a project that can bring a family warmth and shelter holds a deep connection to the values that he’s worked hard at preserving. As he releases from prison, he wants to release his humanity on his community. His goal and passion are awe inspiring. But what happens if he can’t fulfill this goal with this company?

As it can happen, his conditions on community placement is always something to be aware of. If this company that he’s already committed to and in negotiations with, PacTech, has to decline the hire, CJ’s social purpose won’t change. He’s willing to find another organization who puts the roof over the heads of families in the middle of hard times and crisis. For CJ, doing more for his community with his own two hands is extremely important. He wants to build the best structures for the treasured people of his home town and it all started when he completed his goal of rebuilding himself…

by Rory Andes

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