I hear constantly that LGBT and non-LGBT people are sick of religion. They are tired of a million and one evangelical zealots pulling for their attention and then brow beating the love right out of them.

Christians are ruining Christianity. Plain and simple. What is suppose to be love is carefully (and often not so carefully) concealed weaponry to tear people down so that they feel better about the crap they’ve pulled. This whole “I love you enough to hate your sin” movement is absolutely ripping the very fabric of what Jesus lovingly sewed together.

There is hundreds of factions in Christianity, with each faction the believers feel that their niche is “the one.” Which leaves me scratching my head in disbelief. Well, if there are 50 million people all saying ” my way is the right way” and there are 1000 different “right ways” who in the hell is right? More to the point who in the hell told you? What, did God give you divine knowledge? Funny, because the guy down the road whom you adamantly condemn just told me the exact same thing. Since your viewpoints contradict one another, who has been told the real version? I’ll let you preachers fight about that.

Meanwhile the rest of us are searching for meaning in our lives. Whether or not were gay or trans or straight shouldn’t matter to a pastor or preacher or whatever those money grubbing bastards call themselves these days. Preach the Word of God so long as they get a paycheck. As soon as that money dries up suddenly its God telling them to find another flock, one with deeper pockets…yet homosexuals are the perverted ones. Right.

Do you want real Christianity? Jesus was extremely clear in what God wanted, love God, love other people. Period. 

Anything beyond or expounded on that is called religion. No need for a collection plate or a membership fee. If it doesn’t feel like love…its not.

Be a follower of Christ, Live God, YHWH, Yeshua…whoever you call Him, leave the hate out of it.

To all you “loving Christian men and women” who condemn LGBT people, see you in Heaven boo boo. Until then, how about you try actually loving me? See how that works. You know, just by faith. 

With Love