I just had a moment of pure bliss, however it was a little bit to blissful. My former celly Red told me that he would make us a cheese cake today. I had forgotten all about it and went on with my day. I had a wonderful day out in the summer sun. Around 3:45 we are locked in our cell and counted like fish in a pet shop. This usually takes one hour, then our doors open up for dinner at 4:30. I was sitting on my desk with my back against the wall swinging my bare feet to the beat of “Juicy” by Lizo playing on the radio, when I heard Red shout “Get your cheeeeeese cake here!” like they do at baseball games with hotdogs or popcorn. Yeah, say it out loud, it’s super fun.

This joyful delight hit my taste buds like a Mike Tyson upercut, which caused my head to snap back. Oh my yummy goodness. Red made this cheese cake with a hunnybun crust, and topped with chocolate frosting. To those of you that don’t know what a hunnybun is should immediately go out an stuff your face with one of these. I think this sweet combination of hunnybun meets cheese cake brought back in time would have stopped World War One and Two. This cheese cake was so damn scrumptious one eyeball rolled back in my head and wouldn’t come back for a short time. Uuummmmmmmm cheese cake.

Living In The Moment,
Marshall Byers