I don’t typically like or even appreciate the machismo act that guys put on for each other. Instead of a warm greeting its a crouching boxers pose and a couple of left jabs. Just to make sure they both know their men. I used to feel obligated to like MMA or fighting in general. Men don’t cry or show empathy. Men despise fruity cocktails and like raw meat and muscle cars and blah blah blah…
Truthfully, I don’t like any of those things. I prefer a smile and a hug to a left jab and a joke any day. I don’t like to punch things and even more to the point I don’t like angry people. Traditional masculinity dictates that men get aggressive and beat things. That’s the masculinity I was taught. 
Get up in the morning and its OK to be angry because why? Your a man and you scratch your balls until you have your first cup of coffee? Give me a break! That’s a pathetic excuse. ” Men aren’t happy in the morning”…what???
Ever since I discovered that I had a choice, I am exercising that right honey, believe me! I have discovered that I love mornings, and that I have bangs…can you believe it, men have bangs! I prefer shaved arms and pits and I think emotionally. Yeah, like, I cry and stuff. I wonder how satin feels and if I’d look better in pink or coral? 
I could care less about horsepower or torque, but I know how to change my oil and even R & R my own transmission if I wanted to. I just have no desire to. 

I guess what I’m getting at is I don’t like the box of this is strictly men stuff, this is strictly women stuff. Women already have their preset roles and functions. Things like childbirth and nursing. That’s a women’s role, why? Because men don’t have breasts that produce milk and the last time I checked I don’t have a way to carry a child inside. But how did we go from that’s the main defining difference to were pissed off and angry and women are soft and nurturing? 
I don’t want to wear a metal helmet and and drive a tractor and crush beer cans. I want to paint my nails and cook and help people move. Whats wrong with that? 
I want to be me. And more importantly I want you to be you. So that when we meet we get the best of one another. What’s so awful about that?

With Love
Jeff Utnage