I’m working for an Associates of Technical Arts Degree. I will be graduating from Edmonds Community College this summer. Two years of business classes, there’s no stopping this amazing journey. I’m scheduled for January enrollment for Defy Ventures. These are the classes I’ve completed.

BUS130, Business Math
BSTECC130, Computer Fundamentals
ACCT101, Fundamentals of Accounting
BSTEC110, Business Communication
MGMT100, Human Relations
MGMT214, Principles of Management
MGMT130, Marketing
MGMT180, Finance
MGMT134, Leadership
MGMT260, Small Business Management
BUS and 101, Introduction to Business
MGMT107, Event Planning
ECON140, The World Economy
MGMT220, Human Resources Management
MGMT122, Customer Relations Management
BSTEC294, Career Management

I’m currently in MGMT234, Facilitation Skills, and these are the last two courses I have left to complete.

MGMT106, Retail Management
MGMT275, Business Strategies

This has been a very special part of my life. Many difficult obstacles have been overcome, internal and external. I want to thank you all for your love and encouragement. My future education plan……Be welcomed to the University of Washington as a student earning a degree in Communications or Sociology. Heck Yeah!

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