There are some trans activists and academics that I seriously wonder how they sleep at night. They write article after article printing their name like money on the internet in the name of trans prisoner activism and then advance their careers as experts in trans prisoners.

Yet, yet…those same ‘experts’ have never set foot in a prison. They do not know our plight or the challenges we face on daily basis. I read their incessant articles of passive self-grandiosity on the backs of my brothers and sisters and my stomach turns in disgust as I read each word.

Seeing pieces of trans prisoners lives in the mouth of someone who has never met us or spoken with us.

I will not always be shouting through the proverbial fat fingers of the government covering my mouth, attempting to keep me silent like owned property. One day soon, this year in fact, I will be free and it will be well understood that we can speak for ourselves. We have voices and we will be heard. Our stories will be told. Our lives will be improved. We will be the ones to speak about what happens to us in here. Not someone who has never met us or has created whole organizations and personas that revolve around our marginalization yet have never bothered to speak with us.

It will not always be as such. Expect to see a lot of written material about our lives come forth, live and direct from the mouths of the marginalized.

With Love