Today I sat on my little concrete floor reflecting back over the 5,044 days I’ve survived being buried alive in a prison cell. The most beautiful thing, metaphorically speaking, is my super human mutation. It’s a strange reversal. What I mean to say is, I was not living my best life above ground. I was a cast member on the Walking Dead, and although I was only ten when Michael Jacksons Thriller video came out, I was the one howling at the moon.

I hate to use wine as an example, but I need it to prove my point. Look, it takes a great deal of time and energy to produce a fine wine, right ladies? It’s no different with character. With all the best scientists, and gardening tools, including a rototiller, I’ve mutated into The Interstate Puff Marshmallow man. Please tell me you’ve all seen the original Ghostbusters! I only use this depiction to describe my transformation. I get a second chance at life, a resurrection if you will, beginning July 5th, 2021.

Figuratively speaking, if you were to spend a few hours at any graveyard knocking on random tombstone’s, you would never hear “heavens to betsy, gee whillikers, just leave me down here”. Think about it, if you got a second chance at life, would you not be overjoyed and beaming with excitement! Wooooooooh-Hooooooooow!

Bursting with happiness,