On June 30, I caught the news story that Brittney Spears was denied her rights to be free of a conservatorship over her. It was really shocking to me that anyone who can make millions of dollars, does so without any ownership of her profession, her decisions, even her body. This is third world slavery shit. Conservatorships work great for the highly debilitated person who has a trusted caretaker to look out for their best interest. Makes perfect sense. But this? Her dad gets to exploit her, make her perform, deny her a chance at a family, then has the audacity to make her pay for the lawyers keeping her enslaved?

Wow… People can be scumbags sometimes and this dad of hers sound like a trailer park titan among them. An iron fist on the cash cow. But the legal system provides fair and equitable justice. It takes logic and fact, removes subjective information, defines case law on precedent… Yet, there’s a 40 year old woman who’s owned by her father and his team of lawyers she pays for. And a judge who feels that’s a-okay. What a joke. Hell, those of us incarcerated get much of the same treatment, but at least we’ve been convicted of wrongdoing. Actually, incarcerated women can get married and in a state like Washington, have a conjugal visit where she may become pregnant. Multimillion dollar Brittney can’t do THAT? And some judge thinks that it’s okay??? The “FreeBrittney” movement needs to make sure her voice gets heard. And Brittney needs to have free reign over her own… everything.

by Rory Andes

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