Born For Adversity:

What happens when every door you try to walk through closes in your face? Well, in short, we keep going. There is a part of us as LGBTQ family that is almost uniquely designed for adversity. It is almost like we were specifically designed to withstand trauma. We are born with a target on our backs. I have heard it said that only the strong survive…we certainly fit the bill. 

We come out of the womb as a curiosity for those who do not understand homosexuality or Gender Identity divergents. It is like we are this strange fruit that humanity is trying to discover all the facts about. I imagine scientists with all these theories gathered around a well lit office meeting room with all their different clinical views posted up for all to see. Meanwhile, the subject is forgotten. While humanity is “discovering” us, we are still living, breathing and feeling human beings. 

Since I have submitted my proposal at my correctional center I have ran into a laundry list of different attitudes about it. Some are enthusiastic because they believe in equality, some are enthusiastic because they think it will never happen while others are completely against it. 

The good news about this, we were born for this. I am uniquely designed to overcome. I wasnt true to myself my whole life, scared to death to come out of the closet and just be who I was born to be, a homosexual male. I am proud of this fact. Not being true to myself and my genetic differences caused me to be a very dark man. The minute I became true to my identity, my entire life changed. I will never go back to the weak and stiffled man I was and I will forever persevere against inequality. Why? Because option “B” doesnt exist… My only true choice is to march forward and onward, right into the storm. Face it head on because that’s what we do. We face adversity, because when we allow others to stiffle and supress your true self, you create victims. Even if the only victim you create is yourself, this is a tragedy. The world needs you. It needs your energy and vitality and aura and vibrancy. I need you…

Never give up, when the place your in shuts the door, keep knocking. Try different knocks, different doors. Get others to knock with you…

Knock with me. We were born for this. 

Your Brother In Chains,

Jeff Utnage