Early morning knock at my door. I call out, “state your business”. Many voices reply, “Happy b/day Marshall, we made you your favorite cake!” I jumped out of bed, opened my door, and shazzzam, strawberry cheese cake! Ummmm. All day in passing people yelling out happy birthday followed up with expletives with much enthusiasm. For days I feel like royalty. I received countless birthday cards from friends and family. Emails full of encouragement, along with joyous visits from super cute girls. Wow, its so magical, even in prison birthdays are what you make of them. I treat myself extra wonderful. Oh, by the way, I learned how to do the Floss dance.. I think that’s what people call it. Wooooooooo!

I took two days off work and did nothing but sunbathe, daydream about dirt bikes, girls… and girls on dirt bikes! Thaaaaank you everyone for making me feel special and cared for. Two more to go and I’ll be celebrating with you out there. Heck Yeah.

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With a full heart,
Marshall Byers

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