Our Democracy is under direct threat because of Trump and his sycophantic cabinet. I didn’t believe that 2-3 years ago. If you go back and read other content from me I’ve been a Trump economy supporter but a Trump cabinet disapproval list, if that’s a word. Until recently. Trump’s true colors shined for me glaringly obvious with his little stunt that attacked trans peoples’ protections. That was my moment of true opinion change.

When I go back and add up all the moments along the way I recognize that Trump in the White House means ego rules and he said as much when he was asked if he would accept the results of an election that meant he didn’t win it. He said “I’m a sore loser”. That’s a bad look for our country’s leadership, which should reflect the ideals and values of its people.

Are Americans egotistical sore losers? Is that our value system? It’s not mine. And that’s the point I’m trying to make, Joe Biden needs to win this election not because he’s going to change everything and has all the best answers for my children’s childrens children, but because if Trump goes another 4 years every non-white, non-republican, non-sycophant-die-hard-Trump-supporter in the country’s voice is officially silenced in the ears of our Republic.

…and I’m not cool with that.

We need the sensibility of Joe Biden, the calming tide he brings. America needs a rest from incivility and restless nights. Trump could be the last true voice of white America’s hetero, patriarchal, misogynistic ideology. And together, by electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we could silence that voice we’ve been listening too for hundreds of years, send a message to everyone that we are going to progress as a country, period.

I am not allowed to voice, but I still have right to speak.

My biggest fear was getting out of prison broke and I liked that what little money I do have is in stocks, doing well, giving me a few dollars after release (no seriously, it’s literally like $50), but if that $50 means the people I love are being hurt, still,…well I’m not okay with that.

With Love
Ruth Utnage
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