Going through life you think that things are not possible because you are to old, or to whatever. Basically, we come up with automatic excuses for our misery or shortcomings. Which, by all outside appearances is ok. Realistically if you really want something or are meant to have something you will in fact go and get it. No excuse will be good enough to stop you.

As we age we think that our scope of possibilities decreases. I think that is quite untrue though. I believe that as we age we grow wiser and with wisdom comes the ability to understand the necessity of whatever our goal is. If we have a good grasp on why we do what we do then we are more likely to go and get it.

I heard of something recently called the Post Prison Education Project. I heard about it in the most unique way. After I was put into protective custody I was in transit to another facility where I became temporary cell mates with a man who helped form this little gem. the idea is that you get your FAFSA application approved before you leave prison to go to college that way when you get out you are able to attend a college, no matter your past.

Can you imagine that? This little ole’ fag can leave prison and already be enrolled in college. For me, the possibilities are endless. 

I hope that everyone sees the future as bright. My circumstances could just as easily discourage me from even trying to do anything other than live under a bridge and drink myself into oblivion, wallowing in self-loathing and misery. But learning how to do the things I want to do seems so much more fun.

I want to do all kinds of things with my life. I want to do drag, I want to wait tables, I want to do LGBT activism by targeting the LGBT community that is at risk for criminal activity. Which, to be completely honest has very little to do with college and education. However, if I was educated while I did drag then I could say I was a smart diva…just sayin.

Don’t think that things are to late for you. They aren’t for me, they aren’t for you.

Stay lovely

With Love
Jeff Utnage