Jennifer Lee Byers is the bestest big sister ever. My life is filled to the brim with awesomeness, love, excitement, stability, humor, inspiration and creativity because of her. J.B. is a flight attendant for Southwest, if you ever have the amazing privilege of meeting her, you will see absolute beauty, incredible character, excellent humanitarian, always ready to make you comfortable at the same time having you laugh out loud.

You know the part in a movie where they focus in on someone walking into a party in epic fashion, well, when my big sis walks into any place day or night, the hype song playing would be Poisons “Nothin’ But A Good Time”.

My sister loves life to fullest, and shines wherever she is, well except when first waking up, that’s why they call her Jennifer Sunshine Byers. We laugh and share our lives over the phone, letters, and visits. I’m counting down the days when we can hang out together outside these prison walls. J.B. supports me and all of my dreams, she encourages me non-stop. Oh, and all her friends are hot. Heck yeah!

When she passes over the prison heading to SeaTac she always waves down at me, and for the Holidays she made the best 30 second video gram’s to brighten my life. Thank you Jennifer, you’re the best sister ever.

Marshall Byers