Remember when you were younger, it felt like you had forever. Mortality was nothing more than a word that you heard reading weird poetry in school. Or with some emo twink with his hair in his eyes.

When you get a little older you realize that time is going by so fast that you hardly know what to do about it. I am only 35 but I have come to the conclusion that I am to old to waste anymore time, but still young enough that I have a whole lifetime of joy ahead of me.

As many people that I have met over the years I have joined the ranks of those who are redefining themselves later in life. Coming out, transitioning (Jenner comes to mind…), getting remarried etc…owning a business…who knows the possibilities are endless.

Reinventing yourself is not this enigmatic process that you have to go see the Dali Llama for, unless of course that is your thing. It is as simple as, who do you want to be? So go get that…whoever it may be. Your only mistake that you can make at this point is not fully committing yourself to it.

Commit to being a happier truer you. No reason to hold back now. Whoever won’t accept the real you, the one that you have been holding back and caging for so long, see ya later should be your next words…seriously. It is that easy, you won’t miss a thing in a few weeks.

With Love
Jeff Utnage