Tucker Carlson recently said that the incarcerated, “criminals” as he labels us, deserves to die alone in prison. For clarity, he said “Elderly people shouldn’t die alone, locked away. That’s for criminals,” and it was in context to COVID-19 responses. There is some truth to that. The horrors and heartache of senior center occupants being sequestered from their love ones is brutally painful. My heart goes out to every senior citizen, especially those without family to wish them well (I can’t tell you how bad I would love to pen pal with them and let them know that they aren’t alone). But, he let me know that if I die, I don’t deserve to be supported the way other, non incarcerated humans do because I’m in prison. Well Mr. Carlson, screw your opinion.

If we are ever going to heal our communities and ourselves, acknowledging the very basics of humanity is required. I am a person. More over, I am a social creature and regardless of how you perceive justice, my wellbeing (and my want for yours) becomes far more alive with the engagement of others. We, as a society, have survived millennia on the principals of not “being alone”. At the core of humanity is the human. People. People who have a whole variety of needs, but most people need interdependence with others. I’m in prison as a matter of facing justice. Dying alone because I “deserve to” is a matter of cruelty. Fear not, currently my life isn’t at risk through disease, but I will surely spend the rest of it undoing the continued damages to society that opinions like Tucker Carlson’s intend on doing. It’s those kind of philosophies that have made the most liberated country on the planet also the most carceral. Justice involves a right to be human…

by Rory Andes

No one deserves to die alone. Get involved wherever isolation exists…

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