I was pulled aside to be reminded that my mask needed to be pulled above my nose. No problem, it sucks having to wear a face covering for 16 hours a day non stop but its the necessity I agree with, no problem. But then I was told that I was observed on camera and that the observer said “that guy’s mask is not pulled up all the way”.

Now I have a problem. I am clearly not a “guy”. My hair is long, I have breasts, my face is feminine, none of which define female by the way, many women do not have visible breasts, have short hair and boxy shoulders. Since my genitals are not visible, no one has any reason to assume I am not female. Accept bigots.

I maintained my composure and listened patiently as I was insulted and demeaned in such a way that it attacked my very core. I did not react, instead I accepted the insult and this overt and not so subtle bigotry.

Understand that IT IS bigotry. Name it. Call it by name.

That’s that.

Why is it so hard to simply practice a little tolerance? What harm would it do to not insult me? Why not practice a little tolerance?

With Love