Just because you bought me something
Or gave me a compliment
Because I politely smiled at you…
You think I’m yours
Or interested at all
Silly man child
Why, I’m no more ever going to be yours then the air you breath
The carbon monoxide you exhale
Water you drink
As if this land is yours
Bought a deed, now you are a god
I think not
I am not the cure for your depression
Nor am I the reason for your rejection
I am but a woman who has gone about her life
A life in which you entangled yourself in
An entanglement I have no part in
Like bramble bush sticker stuck in my hair
As if I asked for it
You try to say it works, fashion forward!
No, no my dear
Sweetie, you’re being cut out
Because I am not yours to have
To possess
To manage
To depend on
To force
To beg
To be angry at
To abhor
To obsess over
To touch
I belong to me

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