A lesson that you may have to learn the hard way is allowing someone to degrade you verbally. The mean girl spirit is one that is rooted in one’s own insecurity and problematic life. Their misery is not your problem and you should not have to deal with it.

Whatever letter of the LGBT alphabet you are, you are worth more than someone else’s verbal assaults and you should not have to deal with it.

So how far is to far? When it hurts your feelings…than it is to far. So what do you do? tell them exactly what you feel, “that hurts my feelings and I don’t like it, so stop.”

I have done this, said those exact words. When that doesn’t get their attention, though it usually does, tell them again the second that it happens. Reminders of how that makes you feel is totally ok and you should feel comfortable to set your boundaries, whereever they are.

It is never to late, it is never an inconvienent time. You deserve better and you deserve to have the confidence to stand up for yourself to whoever…

If you need help or advice, hit me up, I am always available…I am kinda locked up, I can’t go anywhere, I am like that best friend that is never not available…LOL. Use it!!

With Love
Jeff Utnage