Log Cabin and Z’s, Bargello’s and applique’s. Fabric biases and grain, thread colors and bobbin changes.

I want to go to sleep at night and float in a see of satin and silk. Bright hues of cotton squares and strips. Neon blues and patterned greens. Pink skies and purple clouds. Points that are 1/32 of an inch off and it bothers you, but we leave it intentionally because its flawed, like us, little intentional mistakes that you regret at the moment but over time it added to a tapestry far bigger than that moment.

Pin pricks and needle scrapes, accordion folding and half inch allowances. All of it leads to wonderful dreams.

I go to bed most nights excited about bindings and color wheels, watching KCTS on Sundays at 10 to see quilting tips. My own version of Bob Ross.

Yeah, bargello nights and argyle dreams.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”