I don’t mean this as a question because we know the answer already. Its more snarky. Before I came out I refused to acknowledge in was gay. I looked at gay porn, sure, but that just meant I was a freak. Every time a gay thought would enter in I would immediately deny it, as if that would keep the devilish thought out. Denying it made it now true.

So I get why people do this. The real question is how do we get them comfortable with themselves without forcing them out? It would be easy to just out them viciously and force them to deal with themselves, as if we were some weird self identity Cupid. However, everyone moves at their own pace and this could do more harm then good. 

I know that for some guys this is a really comfortable space to dwell in. They get to have sex and still go back to whatever life they were hiding it from without consequence. It seems like the gay community is like trained monkey’s who have this strange lust for “straight” guys. I don’t believe this is a coincidence either. I think that on a general scale the ones who persecute us and openly hate us are the ones who want to have sex with us in private, then go on denying their gay. 

Because we are constantly being defiled by their hatred we have sex with them and be their twisted little fantasy (and perhaps fulfill one of our own) in the hopes that they will no longer be able to publicly ridicule us. After all, they were just rolling in the hay with us. Maybe we desire “straight” men because we have a need to equalize preemptively, silence them before they hurt us. Its hard to hate someone with semen stains on them.

We are strong and this is just my own opinion here. If you want to turn out every straight guy on the planet then honey, good luck to ya. But how do we go from being hated by them to acceptance so that they don’t have to be labeled “fag” to have same-sex sex? Maybe when they say “does this mean im gay or bi?”. You can say “No baby, it means you appreciate all of God’s work!”. 

Food for thought.

With Love
Jeff Utnage