With the modern “metro” man becoming the new normal for heterosexuals it is difficult for all people to tell who’s LGBT and who’s not. Sounds a little judgy. I wonder, if you asked the people in your circle if they used stereotypes to identify other LGBT people, particularly gay and bisexual men, what the answer would be. 

Even us in this community get a little sideways sometimes. I have had plenty of times that I pegged someone as gay and you weren’t going to convince me otherwise. Then the guy nonchalantly drops his girlfriend of several years into the mix…oops. Not that having a girlfriend is the end-all-be-all of straightness.

I don’t know about you, but for me I used to simply ask. Straight up, no wondering, just a bold and simple “Hey, are you gay?” In which case I usually follow that up with my own sexuality to let them know its not a bad thing in my mind. Not everyone is happy about it.

A part of me thinks its my own judgementalism while another part thinks its their fault for being so “metro.” Both are flawed, I know, and I will work on it, but until then…should I just ask or keep myself wondering?

With Love