I’m acting as a temporary TA for a teacher who loves the Language Arts. This teacher’s is great because her passion for the subject is right where it counts. Being respectful of anonymity, we shall denote the teacher’s name by the symbol, @. If you’re feeling like we’re stealing Prince’s ideas, you are correct. Good. Let’s move on. In this class, @ had a great idea. Every day, for the last 15 minutes @ would read from the book, the Outsiders. After the book was finished, we watched the movie, and then we had a refreshing discussion. The discussion held topics like, who was Hinton in her real youth? What were the differences in the book and the movie? Did the director make good choices? What types of things did you relate to. We all completed a report and a sheet of questions. …Nice.

All this speculating about who she was and whether she was a character in her own book is not mathematical. It bugs the crap out of me that a precise answer could not be logically derived by the “formula”, whatever that may be. So I asked the class to formulate 2 questions.. Should they have the opportunity to ask S.E. Hinton, what would they ask? Consensus:

1. Are you a character in your book?

2. Were you a Greaser or a Soc?

I reached out to Mrs. Hinton. For all you Outsiders fans, here is the answer.

From: S.E. Hinton

Pony boy is the character most like me, but every character is part of the writer, since they are the filter the character goes through. So while Pony is the most like me, some part of me is Dallas, too. I grew up in a Greaser neighborhood, but got put in Soc classes. I wasn’t either, I was an observer.

Stay Gold!
S. Hinton

In conclusion, nobody thought we’d get a response. You’ll simply never know until you try. But we all bleed red. Specifically, mathematicians, movie stars, authors, prison guards, and prisoners… we’re all people. Reach out
























































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