As we roll through this election season, I can’t help but think about all the nasty, ill-willed, thoughtless commercials and slandering approaches to discrediting the other guy’s job, regardless of what that job is or how diligent the person has applied their life to their particular causes. Why this is the necessary approach to someone’s best efforts is beyond me. If you don’t like someone’s performance, just show why yours is better. No need to destroy the other guy, just out perform him. If you’re about your shit, it’ll show through and people will see the character and performances that they value. Do your part and people should notice. But the personal attacks are brutal and reflect a value system I don’t identify with. I’ve worked on mine.

I guess I can preach about this all day, but what do I know? I’ve been barred from voting for the rest of my life (because the state has a system to ensure I will never be off of parole and can’t participate in my government as it stands for now. Think what that’s costing you. I’ll still pay my taxes, tho… don’t worry), I’ve seen all the ads that say regardless of my best efforts in rehabilitation, I am the threat to you that needs an iron fist, and if the politician is worth a personal attack, my character certainly is worth destroying, even if I’m completely unknown to you and wholly changed for me. I guess, what I hope for in values for the political climate is just an extension of what my hopes are for myself. But, until our world changes a little more for the good, I’ll be an enemy just like your local (or national) politicians. Just ask yourself if it reflects your values…

by Rory Andes

Even when I’m out, my sentence isn’t over. I’m ok with it, but what defines justice for you?

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