I woke up this morning to news coverage of Apollo’s 50th anniversary. The science and technology of it fascinates me. What’s even more fascinating is that in 50 years we’ve only been there six times, ending in 1972. Up until this recent coverage, I never understood why we never returned. And then they said what scientists had concerns over… water. No water on the moon meant that we couldn’t sustain any sort of continuing mission on our moon.

Then in the late 2000’s, after improving critical technology, they hit paydirt. Satellites detected deposits of large bodies of frozen water under the moon’s surface. Water. The source of life, fuel and future missions. With any luck, sometime in the near future we may walk on our natural satellite once again and this time, we can do it with our eyes even further out into our solar system and beyond. All it took was a little water, a lot of dreams and some renewed inspiration from NASA and the private sector. Cheers to the courage of those Apollo astronauts half a century ago and to the science and technology that opens up our new possibilities…

by Rory Andes

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