You can call me Anomaly. I named myself Ruth if you’d like to be pleasant, but it’s okay to call me Anomaly…or freak. So I’m a woman in a “men’s” prison. Stop and stare why don’t you.

If it were that simple. It’s not, I can feel them staring at me accusingly, as if my walking like a woman is an afront to them. I can hear them scoff and “Pfft!” when I pass them by.

“Sir!” they say angrily “Stand for search…sir!”

I cannot say anything, I’ve done it before and all I got was “This was a men’s prison the last time I checked, sir.” Neat…

The more I feminize the more they hate me. But the more I feminize the better I feel. I try not to talk about it, not much can be done so I just have to be strong. Lol. Did you know I want to be a business owner? I want to own a Human Resources consultancy, I’ve been begging for a mentor but nobody is willing, I suspect its because I am a freak…Anomaly. What do you say to mentor a prison circus freak?

It’s cool, I’ll still make it. Being lonely sucks and I’m too scared to die before I accomplish my goals, leave some hefty footprints, know what I mean? I will mentor transwomen, in religion and business, I won’t ignore them no matter what they’ve done in the past. I won’t stare at them like a freak either. But I certainly won’t ignore them.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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