I decided several years ago that I would never go back to living in the closet. Repressing who I was created as for nobody. I like me, androgynous and all. 

As a person I feel better when I have my feminine nuances in place. I like to mix up my masculinity and feminist internal processes into my outward expression of comfort. Which equates into confidence, self-worth, and personal value. 

I wonder what employers will say when I have my nails painted or wear jewelry. What about when I feel like a dress or heels? Then go back to slacks. Will people be uncomfortable with that? Should an employer monitor the roles of gender attire in the workplace at all?

Who’s to say that men can’t wear pumps and a pencil skirt to work? Why is that women only? What about women wearing a suit? Is that men only territory, and who says? Ellen Degenera’s wears clothing that fits her style, her swag, her elegance as a human being. Not because she is gay or woman or anything else. What about a man wearing “feminine” clothing makes him any less qualified to do their job? On a construction site, people wear protective and work appropriate clothing. What about in a desk job, or a architect who makes scaled mock ups? Are they any less talented or qualified because he wears hers or she wears “his?” 

I won’t be conforming to anyone’s style. I’ll decide how I feel. How about that? Me, deciding how I feel? What a concept. Like Alessia Cara says in Scars To Your Beautiful, “…the world can change itself.”

Yup…I’m gonna feel beautiful, pretty and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. Because men can be pretty to, and guess what, I’m still a man…but truthfully, who gives a shit what my gender is, what does it matter?

With Love