I remember sitting down with a therapist a few years back. I was recommended to seek therapy when I asked DOC to help me with a LGBT support system. (my how far we have come in the past four years!!)

I sat with her and we spoke about my sexuality, how I identified and why. I am Gender Non-Conforming officially, but if you ask me all that means is I have both female and male emotional characteristics and I am not afraid to dress either of them.

When she asked me if I would wear drag I shook my head yes. Then she asked if it was because women’s clothes are so much softer than men’s. It must be…at least a part.

Expressing ourselves in a feminine light means a softer side emerges. Though I do not believe that “soft” is feminine AT ALL. I am repeating the belief. 

I do not know of a single company that is bold enough to sell to a multi-sex market. There are androgynous clothing companies but what about undergarments? Swimwear, dresses, blouses, etc? 

Bright colors and soft clothing does not equal woman. A woman equals a woman…not her clothes. Neither does a man wearing a dress make him less man. It just means he feels great in a dress. 

If a clothing company has not been started who caters to this market by the time I get out, look for it from me. Yup, need that!

With Love
Jeff Utnage