When I was little, around 4 or 5, my mom, her then boyfriend Tony, and I were driving somewhere in Omaha. It was late and I was tired. I had the whole backseat to myself, since it was the 80’s, almost nobody wore seat belts and I was kneeling with my stomach against the back of the bench seat looking out the back window.

Tony heard a song he liked to turn up on the stereo, MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” and was singing the chorus to Mom heading down a slight hill. I only remember the hill because I had to turn around and sit right to keep from falling into the front seat. I leaned against mom’s head rest and laughed at Mom shaking her head at Tony’s display of singing, feigning disgust or embarrassment at him.

I never did like Tony, I tried to like him, but I hated him. So I turned back around and held on tightly. We were in a housing development I had never seen before, some of the homes were still being developed, they didn’t even have landscaping. At this age my imagination was still vibrant, unmolested by life, so I looked up at the sky. I had read books about the Milky Way and new as soon as we were at the bottom of the hill the street lamps weren’t in ye and I’d be able to see the stars. Back then light pollution wasn’t as bad as it was today.

As I looked up I noticed something strange, there were lights, only not stars. There was some sort of dark disc in the sky just above the car following us. It wasn’t high up, it was just above the homes by maybe 100 feet. It had some lights on it, on it’s sides, rectangular. I waved. I smiled. I turned around and told my Mom there were aliens following us. Tony kept singing, I kept telling Mom aliens were behind us. They got irritated with me for ruining their fun. I insisted they look as we rounded a corner where no lights were, I scrambled back to the rear window and just like that, it was gone.

Later in life I have tried to explain this away. Omaha had the SAC Air Force Base, I didn’t consider that at that time. Who knows what I saw that night for real. Lately, as I’ve gotten a little older, a little more sure of myself, a lot less considerate of others opinions of me…I’m sure I seen an alien spaceship in Omaha.

With Love
Ruth Utnage