What comes to mind when you think Activist? Is it the pictures of Stonewall? Is it the San Francisco Pride Parade? Harvey Milk?

None of those are wrong. All those images come for me too. There is more to it though. Activists are leaders. We are community builders. We are…you.

Activism is also sitting down with a fellow LGBT person and counseling them. Its showing them how to properly deal with whatever pain they’re feeling. When to fight back, when not to. Reading their poetry. Activism is late nights in a Psychology, 12th Edition, early mornings with MTV and coffee. It’s standing up.

Activism is not tolerating the abuse, the ignoring of, the marginalizing of our people. It’s speaking for them when they are gripped with fear or bursting with pain. Its holding them back when they are about to make a mistake they’ll regret. Its love.

Activism is showing up at a park with Alt-Right in military, ready to stand against them. Activism is understanding that when someone of color is marginalized, LGBT people are right behind them. 

Unleash your inner activist. When conversations turn sour, say something. When oppression happens, stand up, expose it. Most importantly, help.

I am an activist in your community. 

With Love