When I first heard Trump was running for office I was excited. He represented change that was much needed and ultimately that prospect got him elected. As his policies and constituents came forward I had to readjust my view on him. Trump, being Trump does not scare me or represent turmoil. However, his policies and followers bother me.

Every day I hear on the news about rises in hate crimes. Specifically against LGBT people. Our new Chief Of Staff has written books that talk about white supremecy and has sparked an awakening of a bold new generation of hate. 

A mass exodus is going to occur with our immigrant population, which apparently Mr. Trump has forgotten that at one point his family was immigrants. Families are about to be torn apart…

For 80 years quiet battles have raged all over our country. Battles of inequality and bigotry. Marginalized people have had to fight for every square inch of ground they have gained. With this new uprising of hateful followers that ground is threatened and anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or a crafty soldier of hate.

Our multiracial country has stood proudly for hope. We all want to see America great again, American prosperity also means prosperity for many other countries. However, a great America is NOT an all-white, all-straight America. Americas beauty derives from its fragrant potpourri of culture. Our cities are evidence of this as our large cities commercial spaces are divided by culture. in Seattle, WA there is China Town, there is spaces where it is dominated by Hispanic/Latino stores and every other culture that is prevalent. 

This way of life is threatened. We can feel change coming…change that makes many of us very nervous. Civil war type change. 

White separatists tried to dominate this space long ago and now they are trying to do it again, however, I assure you that the marginalized community in this country is resilient and powerful and will not concede to being 2nd class citizens. We are equal, we demand equality, we demand freedom, we demand the end of bigotry. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage