Funny, I write here everyday. I started writing because I was experiencing so much drag getting support within the prison system for LGBT people. Enough resistance that it warranted writing about it at least.

But here we are two years or so later and the prison system has taken a dramatic shift. Rather suddenly I might add. No doubt in part because of the campaigns over the years. 

As with any good movement it picks up a life of its own and becomes a living, breathing organism. Little activists have sprouted everywhere. It actually warms my heart to see both inmates and staff respond to the call of inequality so passionately. 

So much so that even DOC is trying new things. People are becoming more involved everyday. It is not perfect, but it is one hell of a beginning. One hell of an effort.

The point of this site was to humanize us in here to you out there. Let you know that some of us are worth saving. Some of us are trying. Some of us are fighting for a shot at life again. To prove that we can impact the world in a big way, positively.

Problem is, nobody responds. I have no idea if anyone is even reading…Recently we have even considered taking the site down. 

However, I enjoy the challenge and, frankly, the therapy of getting all this out. It makes me feel like I am doing something, even if its just in my mind. It is proof that I am not a waste of human flesh. Even if I am only proving it to myself. Truthfully, that seems to be the case, that I am the one who needs convincing I am worth something. I would like to engage people in conversation about criminal rehabilitation. Even if it is just my own. I would enjoy having honest conversation. 

This is what I know. I can rattle on for a long time with nobody listening! However, this tells me that I have the tenacity to keep going even when it seems I will get zero help. 

I am going to start a program that will make our streets safer, will make an impact in ending sex crimes. Is there anyone who does not think this is a worthy cause? I will accomplish this, among many other things. 

The big question is, will anybody help?

With Love
Jeff Utnage

Please comment if you read this blog on a regular basis on don’t want it to go away. Thank you.