With the term “role models” seemingly vacant in adulthood it may seem peculiar to have a robust conversation about them.
For me it is on my mind constantly. Am I being a good role model? Who can I learn from that is within my reach? Should I be a role model? Do I have anything left to offer?

So many of us take too lightly our impact on the immediate world around us. Our body language speaks volumes about us to another persons subconscious. Before we say a single word, our bodies and brains have had a full conversation! 
As adults we have to consider that people around us are unsure in areas of their life. We all perk up when someone is doing seemingly well in an area where we are uncertain. It is how we learn. Being aware of this give and take is beneficial to all of us. It could very well be the key to real peace in our immediate environment. 

This is far more realistic than a Utopian dream. This is the essence of how we improve and what our greatest contributions to the world are, our knowledge and wisdom.

This is role modeling. The golden rule. Do unto others as you want done unto you. Be the friend your looking for. Be the example of leadership your looking for. Practice the level of self control you seek in your family and those around you. Teach how you want to be taught. 

Even if you don’t formally sit down with people and “teach” them your wisdom, it shows in your actions. People watch us, they absorb what is pleasant and reject what is bitter. Wisdom settles like honey within our souls while foolishness rots. The difference is easy to spot. 

We are ALL role models, we are ALL teachers. Even if you have no children, in fact, especially if you have no children.

With Love