I envision a world where support groups aren’t needed. Where the NAACP and GLAAD aren’t necessary anymore. Love and tolerance for all, real equality and the acceptance of each persons uniqueness. 

I want a world where crime is gone, unheard of even. Sin? What’s that? The word “victim” is no longer needed. Families don’t tear each other apart and abuse ends. Where our children are safe and everyone is open and affirming. Utopia, I guess. Maybe even Heavenly.

I believe its possible and even though I may be 100% delusional, that’s not going to stop me from doing my part. Tell someone that you want a perfect place to raise your kids…go ahead, tell someone that. You’ll usually get some sarcastic remark about “wish in one hand…”. I can’t control everyone else, but I have control of me. I can make a vow at any time to be nice, respectful, pay my bills, stay clean, help my brother and neighbor. Its up to me. So what if you get used? Let’s just keep it real, you know how much I’ve lost in the past five years because I’ve been used? I stopped counting. Its not because I have this abundant source of anything physical, no, quite the contrary in fact. I make $33/month, I choose to donate 10% back to God and when I help people out, sometimes my entire check goes out and I’ll never get paid back. 

But I would like to point out, I don’t go without. Somehow, I always have my creature comforts. I get plenty to eat, enough I need to work out, I always have a cup of coffee for the morning and soap is abundant. This isn’t the case for many. 
I try to not be reckless, but, when your trying to do something for righteous reasons and you get used, don’t give up! 
Sometimes it seems like your the only one trying and the only one who sees your vision. Everyone else doubts. A few examples, basic ones at that, Christopher Columbus (though I REFUSE to acknowledge he discovered America, he was instrumental in proving the world was round and not flat). No one believed him, until he proved it. What about going to the moon? What about flight or getting over your first love? All impossible at one point. 

Your vision is yours and you should keep trying. I have many, I believe that one day I won’t be remembered for my worst act, best case scenario I’m not remembered at all, but the footprints I leave behind…perhaps someone will find them leading to a good place and keep on making them. 

You have to believe in you so others can too, its as simple as that. You want Utopia? Act like it first, then others will know its possible and follow, I’ll start…

With Love
Jeff Utnage