Throughout the book there are these “Body Practices” that ask you to perform some sort of task that is designed to ground you in the here and now. The author describes “…feel their way back into their bodies, and then to remember and reclaim them.” This particular sentence struck me especially important once I completed the first Body Practice.

I won’t tell you what the instructions are, I suggest doing this project as a whole ‘thing’, but I can tell you that for the first time in my life I apologized to my body. I took a stock of myself, my insides, where hot and cold was, where tension lay, where I was relaxed and I have to admit, I learned about myself. I learned that I have been neglecting my body and leaving it to its own devices and even working against it. For instance, I noticed that I have tension in my brow and forehead, my core is hot and my legs cold.

Now, at this point I’m not thinking about racialized anything. I’m thinking I’ve been neglecting my body and I need to talk to my therapist about self-care and body scanning. But hey, I’m done with the first chapter of this book and I already feel like I have learned something about myself. At this point, I’m fully invested. I felt a little on the hoaky side at first, but after about 20 seconds I realized that this author is onto something.

I look forward to more, I need more of this!

With Love
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