There is something calming and peaceful watching it rain laying on my bunk looking out the window. Little squiggling rivers run down slick smooth thick glass, rain intermittently hits the window making light tapping sounds. I’m cozy warm, safe and feeling reflective.

The sidewalks, the wet rainy streets, the shhhh of car tires on the wet street. People hunched over hurrying to and fro, coats buttoned up, hands buried deep in there pockets. Walking beside the Sky River, swift current lapping over smooth round rocks mostly dark and light gray. Mossy green trees dripping, curling ferns taking a drink, and that recognizable smell of green grass and wet soil.

I most enjoy watching the Black Bird’s bathing in pools of rain. They seem so care free and content in the wet weather. This also is very helpful for my daily outlook and overall attitude. Keeping things simple, and putting everything in its proper prospective helps me cope, and stay very positive mentally, emotionally and spiritual.

I’m feeling so grateful in this moment, laying on my bunk in a prison cell, with the freedom to appreciate life and love of my eye sight.

Marshall Byers