I watched a movie last night called “A Fault In Our Stars.” Its a real tear jerker. Most have seen it already, whereas it just came on FX for the first time last night. 

I am in love with love stories. I am a sucker for them and just become captivated by the impossible love scenerio. Its by far my favorite plot. 

As I sat watching this movie I cried, over and over again and I wasn’t ashamed of it at all. I may be gay but I am still a guy, feelings are hard to manage usually. Something odd happened though, I was completely comfortable with it. It wasn’t hard to manage, or embarrassing. It felt great to get out the sadness. Every tear that rolled down my cheek felt like another bad experience leaving my body. I feel cleaner this morning then yesterday morning and that’s a good feeling.

With Love
Jeff Utnage